Political Action

Why do we get involved in Politics?

Participation is low among the general populace, voting by Malvern Professional Firefighters and their family members continues to remain high. Political involvement is important to us. Malvern Professional Firefighters IAFF Local #2276 will and must continue to take an active part in the political process at all levels of local, state and federal government to protect our jobs, pensions, health, and safety. We are fully aware that if we do not get involved, to help elect candidates who support our issues and the (public safety) issues of the citizens in our community, no one else will do it for us.


Our PAC:

The Malvern Professional Firefighters – Political Action Committee (PAC) is made up of the members of the Malvern Professional Firefighters Local #2276. The committee represents IAFF Local #2276 members and their Union’s concerns before the citizens of Malvern and to incumbents and candidates of local, state and federal elected posts. Malvern Professional Firefighters PAC endorses candidates, distributes financial contributions as well as encourages members to participate in the political process. Endorsements and contributions are made to local, state and federal candidates who support the legislative issues and priorities that are important to Malvern Professional Fighters in our ongoing effort to provide excellent public safety to the citizens of the City of Malvern.

Procedure for obtaining our formal endorsement:

Send an e-mail to PAC@IAFF2276.org requesting an interview before our PAC Committee.

***To see some of our areas of legislative concern feel free to look at our 2020 Candidate Questionnaire that can be Downloaded Here or viewed at the bottom of the page.***

The committee conducts interviews of political candidates based on the following:

  • Are the candidates organized and do they have a solid campaign plan to win the election?
  • Are they raising the necessary funds to finance a successful campaign?
  • What is their position on firefighter issues and public safety?

Once the political committee has considered all of this information, it will make a qualified recommendation to the general membership for approval and formal endorsement.

Upon membership approval, financial contributions and volunteer help will be made available in accordance with state and federal election laws. A press release announcing the endorsement will be put out and our state association (Arkansas Professional Firefighters) and the International Association of Firefighters are informed.

The Malvern Professional Firefighters PAC is registered with the State of Arkansas. You may view our filings by going to the Arkansas SOS Site and searching for Malvern Fire Fighters Local 2276 PAC